Europe at Polls !!

Europa ultima fermata per la democrazia

Europe at Polls

With at least nearly ten countries gone to polls, European elections have had a verdict : In Europe today ( 25/05/2014 ) populations have been voted in more than  21 countries without a deep understanding and awareness of the european politics!!! No even a debate about the future of the  energy , ,neither about of the future of the European Institutions or the tobin tax! Whilst the king makers of Brussels , Barroso, Schulz, Vanrompuy , who have carefully avoided to put their  face did moove forward,  thus the national political party leaders  carried  the dirty work  on a campaign trail, for the most part basing it on flattered  shots of slogans.

—So what it is called transliteration from the content to the container was fully accomplished : no one has spoken about the absolute lack of power of influence the laws of Brussels  by the citizens, nobody has been  going to catch votes talking about the excessive power of the lobbies , an issue that was not considered to be address in any way .

What and where to, this lack of democracy, will affect our lives, no one can say. But it is sure that the idea of the Union under  the Bank system will suffer of lackness of  legitimacy.

The media shuffled and gathered fake issues such as “how many votes will take a list” , as if it were an issue. ” more than 30 %” , on who” draw ” , ” lose” , ” win ” , etc.

So the communication was invaded by  rubbish for “euro deficient” , Thus  were manipulated Italian voters .

Easier for the media to address the color of the Dudu sweater , instead of the more complex but no less fascinating , problem of the democracy.

The  polls in countries like Holland, where  turnout is 37% , means that even in  countries where citizens are well fed and cared for by the state there is no interest in protest , and   that , the  change for a  better mechanism can not be done if you have no any or  little economic problems.

We have already said in previous articles, that  ” post- europe lisbon , it is  a ‘ Europe where democracy , useless gift for anyone who claims to be heir of World War II , and sovereignty,  are no longer a core inseparable from the concept of population and territory .

By law to the ” regulation” .

In this Europe sovereignty is confused with the concept of “influence” . the oldest principle  of ” Montesquieu” law it is misunderstood.  Law conceived as  legislative power promoted and evaluated by an assembly elected by a sovereign people divided in to differents parties, switch  to the concept of ” regulation” , which on the other hand, means the power to express acts of legal value by means of Lobbying .

In the framework of the Lisbon Treaty , single individuals, companies and their lobbyists , their committees (comitology) , are able to regulate the most important issues such as  international trade , fiscal barriers , taxes , financial speculation .

The  European Union ,  increases this “technicalities” in to an endless spiral , contributing to the switch from   law to regulation. The interface that pushes for a bit of check and balances , should be the parliamentary committees, but the effectivesness of theor job sounds as   a “regulated” games which are mostly already elsewhere done.

Do you want an ‘ example ? we have lots of data . but repetita Juvant  .

Take  the failure to approve at the European level ” a Tobin Tax” , a tax on the stock market speculation and unregulated markets , due to the action of lobbyes , able to influence hundreds of parliamentarians .

Or  the case of the provisions relating to exemptions for anti- competitive agreements between reinsurance companies (so-called ” Ber ” that expires March 31, 2017 ) .

Presumptively simulating an open procedure , the Commission is ” open to the people, ” the procedure and expects observations . Then it is expexted easier comments coming  from law firms  well organized and camped on Brussels with more than 550 lawyers.  The same consultants of large insurance companies,  such as KPMG  or others, whose comments and studies on the subject are more appropriate , so to speak , to protect the reasons of its major customers ( at the expense of smaller insurance for example).

And so the procedure is proposed to legislate exemptions that may be attributable only to the big players.

That is defined in brief gap democracy. And it is shown by the fact that an individual citizen , let’s say an owner of an insurance agency Portuguese, will struggle to send their comments on the subject ( in English ) exemptions on the anti- competitive reinsurance contracts , with respect to a law firm structured in 5 continents , therefore , very little appears credible to legislate on behalf of the sovereign people .

The European Law no longer has examined the representativeness of a people, but a legitimacy technically closer to market needs , or those who can afford a study advisor .

Today   economy of scale is  a living constitution .

The more you protect those who have small positions in the markets the more you will have the new democracy.

Therefore, many subjects are decided at the intergovernmental level and not with the Community method (Commission, Parliament , Council) .This already allows lobbyists to do the dirty game in the cd . COMMITTEES . ( Comitology ) .And ‘ in the framework of the Lisbon Treaty that matters are decided at the intergovernmental level as the permitted working hours , the right of “establishment” and the prohibition of insurrection and legality of repression, etc.etc . but also the rules on the legality of GMOs , the rules on the indebtedness of the individual states.In doing so the lobbies ” legalize ” the profits of their client , without need of national laws, reasons of state , expensive bureaucracies and ambassadorial .

If you need something to define the futility of the states not let’s think that our Ministry of Productive Activities has reduced its ranks from 500 to 28 employees within 5 years.

But the Lisbon Treaty did ” slip ” other duties typical of a State to the European Union. And instead of a more simplified , the greater technicality has meant that the place of the rules is far from easy understanding of the average man .

Then, when regulatory activity  provides for the Community method, the transition from law to legality , and then from democracy to technocracies is also determined by the fact that citizens have little influence both the doubling of institutions and bodies and functions, and either for  ‘ use of foreign languages ​​which has increased the gap between those who can make conspevole of what is produced at the level of legal acts and who is not.

The EU PAPER method.

The EU Commission , the body responsible for legislative, offers legal acts in the name and on behalf of ‘ the European Union, to democratize the system passes to the procedure called “the paper proceedings” . But  what is the” procedure called of the “paper ” ?

Firstly , the EU Commission adopts a “white paper” .

Which it is an accumulation of general premises and principles that identifies  the scope of the problem , actors and the recipients of acts , in short, the ratio of future legislation . There the  lobbies  can send their comments. It often serves to send at the same time studies and research.

In the absence of a indipendent body that face these studies, with impartial  investigations in to a fair equidistant view , balancing against the observations of the lobbies , the regulatory power passes over the legislative one wich it is far to be marched in avour of  citizens;  whereas only a few associations, NGOs , are governed mostly with not big eonugh funding requirements  to broaden the debate on scientific , or highly technical issues . Take the studies on ogm for example. orthe scientific evindences about electromagnetism .

It is the fact that over 40% of the official documents and pages Web of the European Union are still in French language English is. sometimes German .so what ?

To close the complicated framework of the European landscape of the acts of a legal , so the sources of law, there are a multitude of types of legal acts adopted by bodies other-directed and influencing foreign populations , such as the Council of Europe -http :/ / , the ECHR , the EPO , the authority of patents ( European Patent organization called ) bodies supranational intergovernmental as the ICC , which is the seat of international arbitration , the market regulators and international trade , certification bodies such as the Oami rights , the WTO .

All authority by virtue of a technicality and by virtue of competence achieved , are strong intergovernmental agreements and supersede in fact, the legislative and executive power of the people and are able to influence through the directives adopted , millions if not billions of lives .

Who has the baton of these structures? the ” rulers ” and their techno- structures .

But the above it was discussed during the election campaign ? Course not. Another problem of democracy in Europe is control of the press and information , which is a communication problem.

One of the reforms are the mechanisms of control of the press and conflicts of interest .

To understand how the powers of check and balances in brussels have yet amateurish enough to see how it works then the ombudsman .

Who controls the ombusdman ? By way of guarantee of the famous pseudo powers of check and balances all know that anyone can report an incident of mismanagement in the European Union .

But no one knows if the stores ombusdman practice , no one can discuss the behavior ?

What are the cases of judicial review of the behavior of the ombusdman ?

In such cases, you may have a warranty of its operation ? ( Crr.http :/ / / en / home.faces

This European Union is still far from democracy and the mechanism is cumbersome.

Applies the law of the market, or the law of the strongest.

Who will protect citizens increasingly without Guarantees : against the race to the bottom in wages , education, compression of the right of access to free services , and the right to health?

GLi euro MPs know how little they can do because they have limited information and power to influence.

We need more funding to the European people to be able to counteract the hidden agenda in favor of the lobbies of the various COMMISSIONS.




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